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feral kittens

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  • feral kittens

    an abandoned cat had kittens in our garage. We took them in but they are very fearful. we cannot touch or pick them up. they will eat from our hands but run when we attempt to touch. anyone have any suggestions

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    Where is the mother?
    Do you have her too?

    This is probably normal behavior for them as they are feral, not domesticated cats...



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      feral kittens

      WE have the mother too. She is very friendly. We hope that by petting her etc the kittens will come around. Do you think this is possible. We can touch one of them occasionally. Still trying.


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        Yes! it should be very possible.
        Especially that young.
        Be soft and quiet.
        Don't make sudden quick movements.
        If you sit quietly with a treat they may even come to you.

        In shelters I have been at it can sometimes take a while but even the most feral cats usually come around with patience! ESPECIALLY the kittens!!


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          Adopting a feral kitten.

          Hi all. This is my first post here, glad to find this forum!
          I may be adopting a feral kitten soon. He is a few months old. I am kind of nervous about this for a few reasons. I had a cat, a beautiful boy named Blackie, for almost 16 years. I had to have him euthanized about a year and a half ago because he had kidney disease. I still miss him terribly. I have not had a pet since. Btw, I am a 52 year old man. I have a disability, and Blackie was my constant companion. He always made me feel better, even when I was at my worst.
          One of my concerns about adopting a kitten is the energy it takes to raise a kitten as opposed to an older cat. Also, it is a potentially, (hopefully) long term commitment, and I am not a young healthy person. I do get around with a cane, and live in a condo. The cat would be strictly indoors. A friend of mine has the cats mother, and the litter of four. He told me that the one I would be getting likes to be picked up and held. I visited them once, and the kitten didn't enjoy it when they handed it to me, but it was also his first time out of their house and he was scared in general.
          I would appreciate any advice on this. I would rather adopt an older cat, but that is not a possibility right now.
          Thanks for any advice!


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            I don't know much about cats, but I think you'll be fine as long as you're dedicated to raising the little guy. And you sound like you are!

            It might help if you go through in your mind some of the potential problems that could come up, and figure out how you would solve them. That way you'll be ready.

            I would also go out and buy your kitten his own bed and a few toys so you can play with him. It will help bond him to you if he sees you as a fun guy. Just give him some space when he comes home so he can get used to the place. I know cats don't do well if you push them into doing something they don't want to do. You have to make it seem like it was their idea :-)


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              Feral cats.

              Thank you very much for your thoughtful reply! I've pretty much decided to adopt the kitten. I'm home almost all the time, so I can give him a lot of attention. I plan to get a couple of beds for him for different rooms, and some toys. If things don't work out, my friend has said he will help me find another home for him. I've had cats all my life, and they've always worked out to be great companions.

              Thanks again for your advice!


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                I think you're just what this kitten needs! It's great that you can be home so much. It'll really help him get to know you if you're not in and out all the time.

                Good luck with him and post some pictures maybe! :-)

                Good idea with the multiple beds. I bet he'll like that. I've never had a cat but my boyfriend loves them. They do make great pets. :-)