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    i was thinking about getting a bird as another pet to add to my managerie! i was wondering if anyone had any advice on the best bird to get as i won't be at home in the day because of school but i'm there in the evening.

    also wheres best to put the cage, in the living room (where everyone will be but my dad smokes) or in my room (where he will only be in the day because he will be out to fly around when i'm there

    i will be reatful of any replies

    thanx dan xx :wink:

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    I can't really recommend a specific bird - it is such a matetr of tase and what size cage you have, but I would suggest reading up on all different types and talking to the professional at the shop/breeder you will buy from.

    Regarding the cigarette smoke - VERY BAD for birds. They can not handle smoke like that or aerosol sprays or air fresheners! Even candles burning can kill a the living room won't be a good idea if your dad smokes in there.
    Keep us posted.