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    Hey everyone.
    Im new to this site. My name is Soph and I am a 19year old equine degree student. Obviously, being a typical student, I am completely skint. Lol. I do animal portraits to make a bit of extra money, to cover my livery bills and stuff.
    I am working on my portfolio at the moment and would really appreciate your help. I've included some of my work below to give you an idea of what I do.
    Basically I need you to post pictures of your animals, any animal atall...
    The pictures can be anything you think would make a nice drawing and would be happy for me to put up for public sale...
    Preferably funny, cute or just attractive pictures...

    Go for it... thanks in advance for your help.

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    So. Let me get this straight. You want me to give you permission to take one of my pictures and draw it..then make money on it.. sorry. Not unless you buy the rights to it. :wink: Welcome to the animal forum though.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child


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      Welcome to the forum. Nice obviously have talent.


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        What a welcoming message SalemWithChild.
        You're the first person I've come across that has a problem with me using one of their photos to draw. Im only looking for new materials, but thanks so much for your help.

        Obviously I don't want to go drawing pictures without the owners persmission but to be honest if I did you wouldn't know, so I thought I'd do the decent thing and ask for permission and donations. Perhaps next time I'll just go ahead and draw.
        And thanks for the offer but I won't be buying the rights, plenty of people generously let me draw their animals for free.


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          Competition! Sorry I can't help you, I'm trying to do the same business, only I don't directly photo copy, but rather use the photos for anatomy reference and make my own pose (makes things less realistic though :x ). Welcome to the forum, regardless, and goodluck. :wink:


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            LOL Arazante!! You crack me up! But you already know I love your artwork :)

   the OP...I don't have an artistic bone in my body (unless paint by numbers counts :lol: ) so I don't mind if you draw one of my furkids...though if you did I would love for you to email a copy of the drawing so I could see how it turned out. If you could do that then I'd post some pics for ya :)
            "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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              Oooh, I just thought of something. Have you heard of Ron Kimball? They are a company that specializes in stock photography for artists. They have a lot of sections on different kinds of animals if you need reference photos. Not to mention, if you want a particular animal and pose shot, you can request it (though there is a fee for that). I know a lot of artists who use this site when they want to draw animals. Hopefully it will help you build up your portfolio. :)


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                Wow, you are very talented, I must say you can draw. :D


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                  definitelly talented..keep up the good work :)
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                    Re: Meet My Cat Onyx!

                    Originally posted by ozzmo
                    Hi eveyone....

                    This is my lazy cat Onyx
                    Wow, your cat looks a bit like my cat, Sunshine =O

                    Feel free to draw mine as well ^_~

                    Oops.. Old post... XD


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                      wow thats impressive. you have skill