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New Here, future vet ;)

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  • New Here, future vet ;)

    Howdi! NEW HERE! Just stop by to say hi!

    I'm currently admitted into the University of Melbourne Vet Science.
    Freshman this year.
    Hope to meet collegemates as well.

    Well, will be seeing you! 8)

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    Estelle - that is fantastic!
    I hope that you will be a frequent visitor here.
    Keep us posted on what you learn as you go and your experiences!


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      oh cool 8) i would love to be a vet but i dont like blood or needles... :( i want to be an animal inspector instead!

      [b]im kind of new at all this html stuff, gimmie a break ,lol[/b]
      how do i put a picture underneath my name? please email me. cheers


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        Oh, Estelle, I really need your help.
        I just posted a message in the CAT ANIMAL HEALTH FORUM.
        Would you please read it --- maybe you could help me even though you're not a veterinarian yet. There's no time like the present to start making a difference in the well-being of our animal friends.
        Thanks, Estelle and I hope your career as a vet will be long and fulfulling.