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Hello, I´m Susi from Germany....

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  • Hello, I´m Susi from Germany....


    my name is Susi and I come from Germany. I have got 12 pets and love to read dictionaries and walking around outside. Please don´t wonder if my English isn´t very good because I am 15 and I can only write down the vocabs we learnt in school. This is my first forum I have to write in English but I think it can be interesting to speak with people from another place on this earth. I am happy to be here and I think it will be helpful for you and for me to read what people somewhere else do in one situation.

    Am I right in beliefing thats an american forum?
    Sorry but I´m not sure.... :wink:

    The animal I like the most is the wolf but kojots are really fascinating too. That´s the reason why I am named kojote here.

    I have got 12 pets I said, but I don´t know how you call them here... I try to tell you which animals but all I can´t say in English. But I show you some pictures of them and you can see them.

    I have got: 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 rabbits (Kaninchen in German), 3 mice (2 Stachelmäuse and one Farbmaus) it are two exotic ones and one normal mouse which name I can´t say in English, one whithe bellied hedgehog and 3 rats.

    But I sometimes hat gerbils, guinea pigs and another exotig animal who I can´t say in English (In Germany we call it afrikanischer Zwergschläfer).

    If you want to knwo some more about me, please ask.

    My hometown in Munich in the Geman state Bavaria. If you want to ask me something about that, pleas do.

    LG, Susi (LG means Liebe Grüße and is the German Word for nice greetings)

    I wanted to show you some pics but here I could not get them in. I am sorry and give them later to you okay....
    In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten

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    Welcome! You do have lots of animals. We love pictures, when you can get them up.


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      Welcome to the board & for someone of only 15 and just doing a bit of english in school your english is great! :)

      And I don't think I would call this an American board. We have members here from all over the globe. But primariy the members who are the most active and post the most are in the United States. Though Celtech (one of our moderators) post frequently and she is in Nova Scotia I believe...

      Anywho, welcome and were happy to have you here. :)
      "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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        Yep thats me, I'm from Nova Scotia on the East Coast of Canada. Welcome to the forum. Your english is awsome, I'm very impressed, you even spell better then I do.
        The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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          thanks for saying welcome to me and thanks for saying my English isn´t the same bad I thought! :D :D :oops: :oops:

          Yes I have got a lot of pets and I love them all really. Sometimes I had much more animals but that was in past time... I think 12 pets are more than enough! It´s not only fun you have with this little zoo... the animals need also an owner who brings their litter away and cook for them, you know. In future I only wanna have a dog because a working person hasn´t enough time for more animals. Dogs are my favorite pets and rats too. Skunks I love too but my mum always begins to scream if I speek about skunks... she beliefes skunks are very bad smelling animals and she always say ooohhh Susanne you can´t get a skunk... our house would stink all the time and we´ll never get any visitors! You see I am not able to adopt a skunk because my mum doesn´t want to hear anything positive about skunks... she has got her opinion and will not change this.

          But I love my mom and if she says no I don´t want an animal like skunks it´s okay... she is really good to me... all the time... look at my little zoo... my friends moms wouldn´t say okay to a hobby like this. So if mom says no it´s okay. I have enough animals and my mom lives also in our house... I can´t say I want something and I am not interested in her opinion of this topic... I am her child... her only child.. and she says more often okay than other mums.

          Okay enough spoken about my mum...

          I know you like pictures and I am really willing to show you some but here if I want to write an answer I can´t see the button Upload or something which says here you can upload something. :( :(

          And now some words about this forum... I am surprised that this isn´t only an american Forum... it´s interesting to read that here are also other people who live on another place on this earth. Wonderful... I am not the onliest person who comes not from the US.

          Okay... I don´t know what I should tell you more at this momant... If I get an idea I will tell you more....

          LG, Susi :wink: :wink:
          In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten


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            Oh I got an idea!!! :idea: :idea: :idea: :) :)

            I want to ask Crystal how the breed of her dog at the Avatar is called? I think I know it but I better ask before I say something wrong...

            @ ritabooker: I don´t know how to show you my pictures here in this thread but i will make another where you can see my pets... I do this really soon.. I think after I wrote this passage.... okay... then you can see my animals...

            And what I want to tell you too is that your doggi is a little beauty... he/she looks like a sweet little teddy bear and if you see this you want to kiss him. Sorry... he/she is so sweet...

            @ celtechfarms: You also have an avatar wiht dogs on it.... they look a little bit like my Wurschtl... how do you call this breeds? They also are sweet dogs I think....

            You said you live in Canada... I think Canada must be a wonderful country and I sometimes want to macke hollidays there... I watched a lot about Canada in TV and the pictures had been very fascinating.

            Can you all see my avatar or see you only an X too? I can only see an X and it don´t want to go away.... :(

            LG, Susi :wink:
            In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten


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              Thanks, Kojote. I will give Abby (she) a squeeze and a kiss from you.

              No, I cannot see your avatar, either.

              I will try to help with that. If you have not already, try this:

              After you Login, look for the "Profile" link at the top of the web page (to the right of the maroon colored "Animal logo). Click that Profile button and when you get to the new page, scroll down to the section called
              "Avatar Control Panel". In the first box, you can browse your computer for a picture, select the picture, click the "ok" or "open" button in the lower right hand corner of the window. Then click "Submit" at the bottom.


              In the second box you can type or select the URL for a picture which is on the internet. When the picture URL is in the second box, click on "Submit" at the bottom. It should upload your Avatar. Hope this helps.

              If you want to attach a picture into a post, go to "Announcements" (above "Stop in and say Hello" and click on the second post "Animal Forum now allowing attachments". That will give you instructions to post a picture into a thread.


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                Actually both my dogs originate from your country, one is a German Shepard mix, and the other is a Rottweiler. Attaching pictures has gotten a lot easier in this forum, you just begin to post a message, at the bottom of the post you'll see two small rectangles one says Browse... the other says Add Attachment. Just click the Browse button, look for the picture you want to post and click open. The click the Add Attachment button or the Submit button to post your message with the image attached.
                The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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                  Celtechs method for attaching a picture to a post is easiest.


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                    thanks for helping me with my Avatar-Promlem! Now I have got one and a view minutes before I read your messages I was able to show one Avatar here. I understood how to bring it into this foum and now I have got one.

                    @ ritabooker: Oh her name is Abby.. oh yes kiss her and tell her which sweet little doggie she is.

                    @ celtechfarms: Really! Your dogs are German dogs! I love our German Shepards and Rottweiler are also nice dogs. My favorite ones form my country are Dobermans and German Shepards. When I was younger I had a lot of fun because I sometimes played with German Shepards. Everybody scared about the dog but I loved him from the first Minute on. I loved it to play with him and he was a wonderful dog.

                    LG, Susi
                    In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten


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                      oh I forgot to tell you that you can see some pics of my pets here in the forum. You find it in: Anecdotes and Stories here in the forum. My name is standing there and it are only two threads there in. The newest is my.

                      LG, Susi
                      In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten


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                        :) The dog in my avatar is my Great Dane, Brutus. Also originally from your country :) Though I do beileve y'all have another name you call them..."Deutsche Dogge" :D

                        The most loving a sweet hearted gentle giant out there IMO. lol They are my obsession to say the least. I'll be adding another one to the house very soon :)
                        "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras


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                          oh a Deutsche Dogge.... I thought it to myself when I saw your Avatar first time!

                          This dogs are like you said gentle giants and the hugest dog of the whole world I think. I sometimes read this information. I like this dogs too. But I think I will not be able to adopt one because they need a big house and a lot of them do not become really old because their huge body.

                          My Paul sometimes played with a spain dogge and she was also about 60cm tall but she was only 6 months and Paul is 1,5 years! Her owner said she grows up so quick that her dog friends never want to play with her because she is so great and they never beliefe she is a baby like them.

                          But Paul liked playing with her and I think she was a really nice and bautiful animal.

                          LG, Susi
                          In dubio pro reo: Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten


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                            I'm not sure they are the largest are they Country? I think the Irish wolf hound is the biggest in dogdome, isn't it?
                            The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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                              The Irish wolfhound has the largest size listed in it's breed standard with it's minimum height being larger than that of the Great Dane's (Deutsche Dogge) minimum height.

                              But so far to date there have been no Irish wolfhounds to take the record for world's tallest dogs like the Great Dane has. The world's current tallest dog is Gibson a harlequin Great Dane. :) (Though Irish Wolfhounds are typically longer in the body than a Dane is)

                              Now to kojote's comments. Great Danes (Deutsche Dogge's) do not require as much room as you would think. I have lived in a very small apartment with 2 of these giants with no issues. :) They are very laid back and don't require the extreme excerise that some small breeds require. Plus IMO they make some of the best house pets because of their laid back and gentle nature.

                              As far as longevity go, IF you get a Great Dane from a reputable breeder you can expect a fairly good lifespan. I know a few Danes that are currently 10 years and older. The trick is aquiring a well bred, healthy dog from a breeder who truely knows the breed and does nessesary health testing before breeding.

                              The next trick is knowing how to properly care for a Dane. Many people, including many vets are unaware of aliments that plaugue this wonderful breed due to their rapid growth rate. Proper, quality nutrition is KEY in having a healthy happy pet for a very long time. No puppy kibbles or foods over 24% protein and 12%-14% fat. Keeping protein levels down helps slow down the growth a bit so they grow more evenly and can help you bypass aliments such a PANO and HOD (deadly).

                              I do believe that if more people were educated on the proper care of these gentle giants then many would be living a much longer and fuller life.

                              To tell you the truth, even if you aquire a rescue Great Dane and only have a few years with it, those few years are well worth it IMO.

                     sorry y'all. Got me off on a Great Dane chatter spree there. :)
                              "Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." --Roger Caras