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Hi!: From overseas...and really worried about humans cruelty

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  • Hi!: From overseas...and really worried about humans cruelty

    Hi friends!: First apologies for my low-level in English writing…I´m not a crazy animals protector, that I will explain should severly worry to us so much… My dear cousin which works as traumatologic-prothesic Doctor, uses to spend his holidays traveling arround the world and making nice films. Three weeks ago he went to Congo to see and record one of the last Mountain-Gorillas family componed by 12 members (Remember the film "Gorillas in the mist"). Next day my cousin recorded video linked below, gorillas were murdered by shots and unknown reason, their bodies left in place and untouched...near to be wiped out who can benefit of that atrocity?. YOU CAN SEE A SHORT TRIBUTE AT: or Youtube (Gorillas- killed in Congo) WHY??? A terrorist act? Any special interest of Rwanda (neighbour country) to take in more from tourist visitors to gorillas living there?...
    Cheers: Pere.

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    I did not watch the video because I know it will break my heart, and I do not want to start the day in tears.

    We understand your distress over the cruelty of humans towards animals and our own kind. Can't explain it. It seems that perpetrating that kind of negative energy can only mean bad things for those who commit the acts, as well. It doesn't make sense.

    Your English is not so bad...welcome to the forum.


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      Rita: thanks for your words. I understand you prefer to don´t watch the video (It´specially dramatic I hope)...I received good news today. NDETZE a Baby gorilla from this family was found deshidrated but in quite good condition, it´s a pain his fate won´t be to live into a other gorillas family (sure will be refused)...If you kill only a Silverback male and wives the rest of the family won´t survive by themselves. Don´t forget they´re near to be wiped out...
      " All that´s required for evil to triumph is for good person to do nothig"


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        My best sincere special thanks to all entries to that homage and people which have passed it along...easy & free way to fight against post problem.Sincerely & cheers: pere66