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What pets do you own?

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  • What pets do you own?

    :idea: What better way to get to know everyone, than to hear about your pets!

    Don't forget to mention breeds, colours, ages... :wink:

    Mine's an old (14years) black and white lab x collie x some sort of terrier - who knows!! we love him to pieces

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    Welcome to the forum

    I own a 5 year old rottweiler
    a 6 year old Shepard/Lab mix (black)
    two 11 year old dun quarter horse mares, who will foal each a paint cross foal next summer (one red dun the other zebra dun)
    and were looking at a pony and mare that are being given away up the road as our pony for my daughter fell through this morning the pony is bay and white paint and the mare is chestnut and white solid paint with four white socks and a white blaze.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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      Cheers for my welcome. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's pony... the one up the road sounds lush :D

      lovely getting to know you celtechfarms!


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        I have two English bull terrier dogs, male is a 3 yr old black brindle and white called Bodie (softest animal on the planet I and a 13 month old solid red brindle female called Henna (who is a right little We also have two 13 year old seal point Siamese sisters called Polly & Suki, they dont tend to bother with the dogs if they can at all help


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          I have 2 cats, 1 orange tabby, and 1 siam\tabby, and something else in him im sure (black and white). 1 dog, great pyrenees\Maremma, who knows how many sheep, 6-8 goats, (two new babies!), we used to have around 500 rabbits at one time, we also used to have 1 horse, and a German Shepherd, and tons more cats and MANY more animals. Oh, and our sheep are hair sheep.


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            Welcome to everyone here, its nice to have so many great animal lovers here, new people are always welcome we love her hear the different opionions out there, sometimes its the best way to find out what you need to know. Welcome one and all.

            The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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              i have a saint bernard/sophie(moose) ,golden retriever/courtney, rat terrier /sadie ,pekaneise/sashi,a kitten/little miss,a black cat/mr. jingles,turtle/bubett(we named it (bubba then found out it was a girl),lotz of fish they arent named tho ecept the algea eater /al jr.

              mattea :wink:


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                Hey newbie here. I have a king charles spaniel. Glad to see so many dog lovers!


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                  Welcome to the forum Casey
                  The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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                    Hi everyone, I am new in this forum I have 4 pets with me a red carver pitbull, rott, german shepherd and an addition to the family a dachshund. Hope to see you guys here everyday and learn more from you guys. Have a good one everybody. :)


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                      Wow! Nice family you have there!! An exciting one to! I love German Shepherds and Rotties.


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                        I have no pets but I am thinking to get the one puppy.
                        Thank you, for aware me for that.


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                          I would say welcome to the forum, LoveAnimals, but it's a bit late for that, isn't it? xD

                          Anyways- I have a cat, three rabbits, and a hamster. Also, I used to have another hamster, but he's passed away. ):

                          I'm not sure what breed my cat is, he was a stray, but he's colored black and white. He's two years old, and VERY spoiled. xD [Sunshine <3]

                          Two of the rabbits are half-dwarf half-something else, and the other is a full dwarf. One is almost fully black, the other is black with a stripe on her back, and the other is white with gray ears and nose, and red eyes. =O And, they are ALL girls. (: [Velour, Stripes and Puff <3]

                          As for my hamster they are[or were] both golden hamsters, the deceased one being a male, and my recent one being a female. The old one was light brown and white, so very adorable. This one is a darker brown, and has some white also. [Butterscotch and Smores <3]


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                            Pets we oen

                            We owned a Pembroke Welsh Corgi for a few years before losing him to never be found again. We currently own a "mut" cat that was given to us. She has been amazing with our children for the last 3 years and we expect she will stay at least another 10 years. I know she's not a Persian Cat because she looks nothing like the cat below.

                            All animals need access to proper sterile [url=]medical supplies[/url], not just humans.


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                              I got 4 dogs, Toby is a Labrador retriever, Chocolate and Sunshine's a Labrador, Jojie a German Shepherd Mix.

                              I also got a iguana named Iggy and a snake named Prince Tiny.
                              Before, I used to have rabbits and rats but my mother disapproved of them.