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  • kicking pigeons

    Hi. In addition to liking animals, I also play poker. Anyway, I was reading this poker website and I was very disturbed to find therein a video of someone from the poker site had made offering pigeons food, and then viciously kicking them when they come close, or putting the food in front of cars, so as to try and run the birds over in the traffic.

    The site I saw this on is (posting by ronk1337):

    and the video is at:

    The guy who posted the video and who is doing the kicking is called ronk1337. Someone traced who he is with matching pics etc (someone called David Bellingham), and found his email and myspace pages etc, someone else identified it as Bondi Beach in Sydney, ... and the site moderators just laughed and deleted the objecting posts, as if nothing ever happened. They still provide the link to google.

    What do you guys think of this? Is it OK for people to post this sort of thing for laughs. I think its very sick.



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    This is terrible, people like that are sick in the head, I'm just glad that guy put an end to it by threatening to call the cops. Some people are so immature.
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      i think its terrible

      its very irresponsible and is condoning and promoting behaviour that is not acceptable!

      Many children find it fun to chase pigeons in Cheltenham high street and their parents simply smile and let them carry on. Those kids will grow up with little respect for birds, and all down to irresponsible parenting.


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        That's horrible. I can't believe that people can do things like that to animals.
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          The world is full of sick and depraved people. :(

          Oh hello and welcome to the forum :D


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            Oh, my gosh, that is terrible!!!!! :o