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  • New here :)

    Hiya members of Animal forum!

    My name is Alexis, I just wanted to look around here maybe post a little but I'm fairly new here and I'm a Admin of my own forum. So I'm quite busy.

    Well I guess I will talk a little bit about me, why not just say I'm a pomeranian soul like my user says.

    I act like a pom so that tells you everything :S

    If your interested in my forum just PM me about it okay?

    You guys are awesome people I beat I can't wait to meet you guys :)

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    Welcome to the forum.
    The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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      Why thank you :D


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        Hello Alexis. Nice to meet you. A very warm welcome to the forum.
        All this talk of religion, but it's how you live your life that is the all-important thing.
        If you set out each day to do all the goodness and kindness that you can, and to do no harm to man or beast, then you are walking the highest path.
        And when your time is up, if you can leave the earth a better place than you found it, then yours will have been a life well lived.


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          Hi Alexis,

          Welcome to the board! :D


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            Hello Future Team

            I'm Frank Campbell, I in need of assistance for taking care of my pets. I am new to it and i don't know the proper ways. Please help me for my problem.

            Thanks a lot :lol:
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              Welcome, you'll find tons of advice and people willing to help through out the forum, just post your questions and I'm sure lots of people will be willing to help.
              The reason dogs are great is they wag their tails, not their tongues.


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                A bit of info

                I have two pets, and they are both dog, one of them got colds last week, and I'm wondering why does it happened and can't believed cause I'm new to it. I was quiet horrified, I don't know what to do. I rushed to my pet's veterinary, he give me a sort of Cool Mist Humidifier and varieties of Multi-Vitamin. He said, the said stuff are good to cure the colds of my pet. Quite amazed, I thought dogs are free from any illnesses, but my veterinary said that they're just like human counter parts, dogs do get colds. Dog colds are caused by different viruses and germs. Travel, stress and close contact with other dogs can all be contributing factors to dog contracting a cold. However, just like a human cold they can often be treated with supportive therapy. Naturally, if your dog is showing no signs of improvement or their symptoms seem severe, a trip to a veterinarian would be advisable.

                Thus, next time, I will be more careful to my dogs health and safety.

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