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Great little sight.

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  • Great little sight.

    I must say Animal Forum is a great sight, imformative, funny and a must for all animal lovers. I'm going to tell all my friends about it, so all of you out there keep up the contact and I hope to hear from some of you soon.
    Cheers, Anne.

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    Thanks so much Anne!


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      :D Hi all Sassy Gurl here! I am NEW here any advise about barrels when riding horses? I have three horses, two birds, three dogs,and alot of wild cats in our yard. My horses are named Sassy who is for sale- a black shetland pony who is great with kids and takes place in 95% of all the shows she enters, my other horse is named Joe- He is a Fox trotter and is gaded- he is very smart and shows in the fair all the time, And my third horse is named Bud- He is a mustange quarter horse and is very lovable to all ages of people. :) My Dogs are named ripely,hunter, and fisher. My birds are named digger and blossem. And I have known WAY TOO MANY cats to name them all. If anyone has MSN MESSANGER please put in another email to me thank you all
      Sassy Gurl
      "Lil" Bit Sassy Brat


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        Hiya Sassy...
        Come on down to the horse section and chat with us there!
        I am interested in getting more involved in barrel racing myself.