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Need help on shipping pets.

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  • Need help on shipping pets.

    I am currently in Baton Rouge, LA and we are relocating to Monterey, CA in the next couple of weeks. We are traveling by car (3 days) with my six-year-old daughter. Bringing my dogs by car is NOT an option. The problem I am having here is airlines won’t ship my dogs (80 lbs & 40 lbs) unless it is less than 85 degrees outside. I ‘m not sure it gets that cold in Louisiana. I guess my question is, can anyone recommend a way or a company to ship them for us. We are on a military move so we are also on a budget. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Laura Spurlin
    Human of Abby Baby & Tia Maria

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    It will get that cool in La....just not during the you have a problem for sure. You would not WANT the dogs shipped in that heat because you'd wind up with some very dead dogs, so the airlines are definitely doing what is in the best interest of your critters.

    I would contact the Best Friends Animal organization ( and see if they can help you arrange transport. If they can't they can probably help you out by putting you in touch with someone that can!

    Keep us posted!