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  • Hello!

    Hi guys. My name is Katie and I have two dogs, a Lab mix (Sally) and a German Shepard mix (Eva), and three cats, two black (Dina and Cree) and one stripped (Max). My boyfriend and I live in northern Pennsylvania. I trained both my dogs myself. I can even walk my Lab down the street with her leash hanging beside her. I suppose that's it. So happy I found this forum page.

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    Hi Katie, Welcome to Animal Forum! Enjoy the forum and we look forward to your input! I have a Dog (Gracie) and two cats (Peaches and Noel) My wife has taught out dog to walk by our side also, (we just tell her to heel and she stays by our side) although I do not know how well she would do if a rabbit or a squirrel ran across in front of her. She just might take off specially since she is part heeler.


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      Thank you for the welcome! My Lab is mixed with Weimaraner and Golden Retriever. She has three types of hunting/retrieving dogs mixed with her so she had the potential to start chasing everything that moved. Luckily, she is more interested in pleasing me than pleasing her bred-in interests. On the other hand, my Shepard mix likes to chase everything that crosses in front of her. She has to stay leashed. lol


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        Welcome Katie I've just joined myself. I have 3 dogs,a Weimaraner(Tia), a German Shorthaired Pointer(Tasha),a Whippet(Cash),3 ferrets-2 albinos(Archie + Bonnie),1 fawn(Senga) and 2 guinea pigs(Alfie + Arnie). The guinea pigs belong to me and the dogs and ferrets belong to my dad. :)


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          Greetings, Katie!
          Do animals have souls?


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            Wow! Would I be in heaven at your house, AnimalLover! Thanks guys!