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  • Hi, Im New :)

    I have literally just signed up! This account looks awesome, so i will try it . Ok So im going to talk about my new pet :)!!

    Thanks to my friend/her mum, I Now have a gorgeous pet hamster named Caspar-Pickles,He is a roborovski,Male!!! :D
    I found him in a pet shop near my friends house. He was put up for adoption as he had recently had a female friend,and the previous owner no longer wanted him! Nasty Right?!

    So heres how i chose him: Me and my mate was out looking for my first pet Hamster when we came across this beautiful little hamster named barry, He was a fast energetic little dude who needed a new home, He had been in the pet shop for a long time, So i decided i wanted him, My friends mum adopted him for me to see if i could look after him properly, And guess what.. Thanks to my friend im a good owner,When we arrived home i had decided to call him caspar-pickles, I just loved the name caspar but there was a hamster named pickles in the pet shop so that name had gotten stuck in my head ? Caspar-Pickles it its :)

    So yeah thats how i became the owner to my hamster :)

    If anyone knows of any good ideas on how to keep a hamster cool on a hot day, Please comment below ?
    Thank you

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    Re: Hi, Im New :)

    Welcome to AF CasperPickles14! We raised a dwarf hamster a few times. Unfortunately their life span is only a few years at the most, usually two... Is your hamster the full size one or the dwarf? as long as it is where you are it probably can bear the heat as well as you do.


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      Re: Hi, Im New :)

      A very warm welcome to the forum!
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        Re: Hi, Im New :)

        Greetings and welcome!

        I see that you are from the UK (style of language and e-mail address) - so the weather shouldn't be too hot there. Do you keep him in the house? Obviously, he should not be kept in a metal shed in the garden, as that could get too hot without good insulation and ventilation. A cool room in the house, with plenty of ventilation should be fine.
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          Re: Hi, Im New :)

          Welcome to the Animal Forum to you and your hamster :)