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Mr Girlfriend's Cat Is Killing Me

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  • Mr Girlfriend's Cat Is Killing Me

    I just recently met this woman who I really like. There is only one problem – her cat. Everytime I sleep over her house I sneeze and my eyes swell up. The only thing I can think that is causing this is her cat. What to do?

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    Talk with your doctor about allergy medicine
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child


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      get tested

      Get allergy tested. Also you might volunteer to sweep and vacuum your new girlfriend’s place. Often that is all it takes to get rid of allergies. I use a robot vacuum called a Roomba to clean my floors since I am allergic to everything. It cleans when I am not around, so when I get home the floors are dust and dirt free and my allergies are under control. If this isn’t a great path, I advise allergy medicine.

      Carol ;>


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        It would help if she kept the cat out of the bedroom too - so you would have the one place that you might spend the most hours (sleeping - stop it all you dirty minds!!!!) that is cat and dander free. It might help a great deal.


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          It can take quite a bit of cleaning to get rid of the allergens that are causing your reaction. It could be a mix of things including the dander (dead skin cells), saliva (dried on the dander), and other things. Try an over the counter antihistamine first like Benadryl. If that doesn't work, talk to a physician. You never know how severe an allergy can become - and from personal experience - don't risk not knowing. Get tested 8)

          As far as cleaning, vacuuming works wonders. Also, does your girlfriend brush her cat? Regular brushing can help control dander a lot. Launder what can be laundered, and it may help.