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Shelter need your help guys please

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  • Shelter need your help guys please

    unfolded at our sanctuary in Greenville, FL. The main house on the property was consumed by fire.

    The fire broke out at approximately 10:30 pm. Animals living in the house were quickly evacuated by Nedra and Chuck (who manage the property). Fire fighters arrived rapidly and they too began pulling animals from the house.

    Heartbreakingly, we lost a number of animals to the fire as well as the house.

    Ayla's Acres No-kill Animal Rescue's sanctuary is home to approximately 150 unadoptable animals. At this time we know of six animals that were lost in the fire.

    We need your help. We will need to bring in temporary housing as soon as possible. We also need to pay for vet care for those animals that were injured in the fire.

    If you can help with a monetary donation, it will be used for housing on the property and vet care.

    The holidays will be quite somber at the sanctuary this year. Please consider making a donation to help the animals.

    gofundme link:
    patreon link:

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    Re: Shelter need your help guys please

    Firstly, welcome to the forum. Secondly, I am truly sorry to read about what happened to your no-kill shelter. I hope that you succeed in restoring everything (apart from the six poor animals which passed over in the fire).

    Thirdly, please read the forum rules, especially no. 2. Appeals for money via third-party fundraising sites usually have their links removed - see

    Your first link does not work. Your second link only contains minimal details, but I did some research on your charity and I found this page:

    As that page contains details of your address and a phone number, and other pages describe your charity in detail, I have (exceptionally) allowed your fundraising links to stay.

    I would, however, recommend any member wishing to donate to do so directly to the charity and not via a third-party site. With third-party crowdfunding sites, there is no way of knowing to which bank account the money will finally be credited.

    Once again, every best wish to you in raising support for your refuge! I very much hope that you you can recover from the effects of the tragic fire.
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