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An animal that will eat blackberry plants?

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  • An animal that will eat blackberry plants?

    Well, we have 2 cats.
    Now Im thinking about 'sustainable' gardening.
    We live on a very wooded ravine that is full of all kinds of plants inlcuding blackberries.
    I was thinking of getting a goat, or something like that, to let roam the ravine to a limited extent and help clear it out.
    Is there any animal that could be a pet and also help with the gardening?
    Where else would be a good place to post this question?
    Thanks again for your help.
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    If your wanted to get a pet to help with the gardening, I wouldn't suggest a goat. They will eat anything and everything! If your wanting a flower or vegetable garden a goat would tear it up. Depending on what kind of land you have and how much, horses eat round the clock and would help clear out grass. They would not eat the heavy brush though. If you do not know much about horses I would not suggest it though.
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      Hi and welcome!

      I don't know about a goat and the blackberry bushes. They eat a lot of things, but not absolutely everything. Is there someone in your area who has and raises goats?

      I'm not sure there's really any animal that would eat the bushes and brush. And as SalemWitchChild said, those who eat things like grass, aren't selective eaters. You'd have to be sure flowers, vegetables and the like are well fenced.

      Do you have a college or local 'agricultural extension' office in your area? Perhaps they can give you some suggestions specific to your area and needs.

      Let us know how your adventure goes.
      Juanita (& the kids - Missy, Taffy, Smudge & Marmie)