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    Please say hello and take a moment to introduce yourself and your pets.

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    Hi To All


    We hava a few animals that live with us. Eight Siberian Huskies (Bandit, Riska, Taz, Bezman, Bear, Amber, Lakota and Precious), Three Italian Greyhounds, (Guido, Indigo and Griffindor), Three cats of mix breeds (Booger (born blind), Gizmo and Rusty), and a ferret named Precious. Most of their pictures are on our website

    My wife and I are both Registered Nurses and my daughter is a Nurses Aide. We are breeders of the Huskies and Italian Greyhounds. We also show both breeds.


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      WOWSA. You have a housefull! Do they all live in the house with you, or are they in a breeding kennel sort of arrangement?

      I know nothing about showing, so I hope that you gusy will keep monitor over our showing forum and help with advice if we have new members there!



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        Hey Lobo

        Hi Lobo-
        You have some beautiful babies there! I have always admired Huskies. I was going to help with my local Husky rescue but I didn't have a fence tall enough. I run a small Cavalier rescue but there are rarely homeless Cavaliers so many times I have lots of room for rescues.
        Any who- your dogs are gorgeous!!!! My brother has 2 mixed Italian Greyhounds but I never saw a purebred. What a sweetie!


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          Hi Kerryclair,

          The three Italian Greyhounds (IGs), cats and ferret live exclusively in the house. The Siberian Huskies (SHs) live in kennels outside. The SHs that we show are kept inside, essentially for the ease to keep them clean and working with them closely. In the summer months, it is hard to keep them from blowing their coats in the heat. Once they blow their coat, it is almost impossible to show them. They don't measure up to the judges expectations.

          We are fairly new to the idea of showing our pets. We have only showing for about a year. We have developed a fair amount of friends that do show and much longer experience in showing. If we can't answer any questions directly, we can rely on our friends to get the answers that are needed. Our knowledge base in currently with the two breeds that we show. Yes, we will monitor the show forum for new members.

          Anyone interested in showing his or her dog(s). Attend shows in your area. It is a great way to find others who have the same interest in your selected breed. When there, talk to the owners and handlers, who are mostly very warm and open individuals. These individuals are usually more than willing to discuss the breed and the requirements to show the specific breed you are looking at. Each specific breed has different requirements to prepare for a show. Shorthaired dogs are the easiest breeds to show. Bathing and minor trimming is usually all that is required. The longhaired breeds are the hardest. I know several handlers that spend one to two hours grooming one longhaired dog. We spend on average a least a hour and a half per SHs, to get him/her ready for a show. Showing your specific breed can be very expensive in not only time but money. Equipment, supplies, not to mention the registration for the shows, motels and traveling expenses.

          The youngest a dog can show is at six months. This gives you and your dog a chance to learn the ring and all the rules of showing. At this age, a lot of the rules that govern the adult shows are more lax for puppy class. As an example, in most shows, depending on the judge, an adult who has an accident in ring, the animal is disqualified. With puppies, it is all most expected and does not count against the puppy or the handier. Kids can be handlers of their dog. AKC website is a great area to learn about a specific breed, breed standards and information on the Junior Handlers program.


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            hey everyone my name is Lauren and im a college student im currently livin in my own appartment. i love animals a lot!! i have three dogs at home, two jack russels and a 9 month old boxer and i just got a pet ferret to live with me in my appartment. I have a couple of questions about teething for kits so if anyone knows a lot about ferrets and could answer some of my questions i would greatly appreciate it.


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              Hi Lauren,
              I've had a number of ferrets in my life - will chat with you down in the ferret section.