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  • New Here -- HELLO!

    Hi All,

    What a lot to read here! I'm looking forward to browsing and possibly making some new online friends.

    I just want to say GOOD MORNING!!!

    Ahhh... to wake up in the morning!! What a gift. I hope you too are appreciating that gift this morning. I appreciate it every morning because my dog Alfie reminds me!!! I awaken and he starts to get excited. I feed him and the cats then Alfie is ready to get out and revel in being alive in a fine young body. If I'm poking around too much he starts dropping his (indestructible, hence very heavy) ball by my feet where ever I go. THUNK! THUNK! You don't need to be psychic to get the message.

    OK! Let me just get my tea on and we'll play ball!!!

    And OH! What glory in being alive when you throw the ball for that eager juiced up guy. I may personally be past the young part of having a fine young body but that doesn't matter when I have Alfie to live through. Ahhh what joy we experience (me and all my cells:-) watching and playing with Alfie in that first ball game of the day!

    My children tried to give me this gift -- and probably every other being in my life and in nature every day of my life -- but I was simply too overwhelmed by LIFE to get the message. Thank God I woke up this morning to get that gift again and to APPRECIATE it. It is so good to be awake! GOOD MORNING!
    Trish Scott

    Intuitive Communicator & Healer
    Offering Compassionate Consultations
    With ALL Species

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    What a great post - and a great reminder to us all.