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Dzien dobry!!!

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  • Dzien dobry!!!

    Hi all!

    My name is Agata and my cat's name is Chojrak (Chojrak means Courage the Cowardly - a famous dog from Cartoon Network). Chojrak is three-moth-old little tom-cat. We live together in a small apartment in a block of flats in Lodz, in Poland. And because we have many funny stories to tell and lots of questions to ask, we decided to join this forum (Chojrak really likes to type :wink: )

    Greeting to all cat lovers,
    Kot (what means 'a cat') and Chojrak

    Ps. I would be grateful if someone could tell my how to insert an image here from my PC :oops:
    'As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.'
    - Ellen Perry Berkeley

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    Hello! If you want to have a small picture of yourself or your cat as an icon you can upload that. Just click on "Profile" (at the top of the page) and then scroll down to the very bottom of the profile page, and you can click the "browse" button to upload a saved picture from your PC. It needs to be small enough though! Also in the FAQ's under "User Preferences and settings" there is a better explanation. Then you will have a picture right by your username everytime you post! :lol:
    My Family: 3 Kittens, 2 Cats (not including my beloved strays), 20 Fish, 6 Betta Fish, two mice, and two hamsters. And all is well. :-D


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      Czesc Kot!! jak sie masz???

      ok...that is almost the extent of my Polish. Just wanted to say czesc!