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Just stopping in to introduce myself

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  • Just stopping in to introduce myself

    I'm so glad I found this site. It's wonderful. I have plenty to talk about so pull up a chair and we can all have a little chat.

    I'm probably an "older" member of this forum. I will become a grandmom for the first time in January. My daughter is having a baby girl.

    I am owned by two dogs and two cats and every stray that happens to come to my door - and that has been a lot recently.

    Me and the animal control officers are on a first name basis because of all the animals I have found or reported for abuse and neglect....some very sad stories here.

    Well, I guess this gives you a little background information about me. A very hearty Hello to all of you and hope I can contribute to this fine site.

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    Sounds like you're a kidred spirit!


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      Yes, hello and welcome! :lol:
      My Family: 3 Kittens, 2 Cats (not including my beloved strays), 20 Fish, 6 Betta Fish, two mice, and two hamsters. And all is well. :-D


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        Thanks for the welcome. It's a great site here. Very nice, quiet and friendly...