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  • Hi, I'm new

    Hi, I just registered...I have to say I am little put off by the last introduction by Cateran but I would like to check out this forum. I just wanted to introduce myself. I am owned by a 9 month old lovebird named Kado, a 7 year old DSH named Angel, a 7 month old Manx named Tanabi and a 6 month old Great Pyrenees Cross named Subira and a 2 year old Pom named Tajia. I hope to share lots of stories and questions about my pets as well as hear from other's about their animals.

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    Welcome! We look foward to hearing more about you and your animal buds! :lol:
    My Family: 3 Kittens, 2 Cats (not including my beloved strays), 20 Fish, 6 Betta Fish, two mice, and two hamsters. And all is well. :-D