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  • Hello again!

    Hi again! I just wanted to let everyone know I have two hamsters now, one is named Sir Oreo Knuckles Drake, but I call him Drake for short. I originally had another hamster who looked just like him, but then I found out he was a she, and since she came from the male tank that inevitably meant she would be pregnant-- well, these are my first hamsters ever, so I most definitely wasn't read for a pregnant hamster. I exchanged her for another one, but I don't know his name yet. Just thought I'd introduce myself. I do have questions, but I'll post them on the Rodents message board.

    Glad to see more people posting here! It doesn't seem to drafty and empty anymore! :lol:


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    Hi Elven! Be sure to pop back down to the rodent area and start a topic for hamsters!! I used to have dwarf hamsters. I can't remember if they were Russian or some other kind though!