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  • vet 2 be & discouraged

    Hello everyone,

    I'm a vet student and usually I'm pretty darn excited about it. While the course material is usually intense, lately having such a huge workload combined with some discouraging experiences makes me frustrated. Lately, there have been a some clients coming in that dont seem to respect the work vets do and dont think much about making us feel guilty about trying to do our job.

    I guess I'm seeking some motivation. Do people have some advice on what they want from their vet? What is a good vet to you? I want people to feel safe when working with me.

    Also, if you do have an example that'd be great. I'm feeling pretty stressed about how to keep people happy and how to be the best I can be without burning out.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Do people have some advice on what they want from their vet?

    I want a vet that will take the time to listen to me. I want my vet to explain scientifically if needed what is going on with my animal. I don't want a vet that just rushes in and out again. I need them to actually listen to me and reassure me that my animal is going to be alright.

    What is a good vet to you?

    All of what I said above and then some. Just have compassion for the animals and their owners. Don't get frustrated easily and always keep in mind why you wanted to be a vet.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child