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    hi I'm really thinking about getting a horse and I am working at a local horse barn to get some expert, could anyone tell me what they think about horse auctions, anything would be great. thanks.

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    If you are going to buy a horse from an auction, then I'd suggest taking someone with you that knows what they are doing that can evaluate the animal beforehand. Many horses wind up at auction because they have become or are dangerous, or have medical problems the owners don't want to deal with. I am personally not a fan of auctioning animals to the highest bidder. I'd like to see these things done away with really. They aren't good for the horse, and they aren't good for you the unsuspecting owner. That said, it breaks my heart to see good horses bought at these auctions and slaughtered for their meat, so if someone can rescue one, that makes me feel good...but ultimately I'd suggest NOT supporting auctions and go and do your homework and check out horses for sale in your area, have them vetted, take them for a trial period etc to make sure you ind a good match for yourself.


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      thanks for the adive i will do my homework, on the auction and i' m taking two people with me that have bought at the same auction before. thanks


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