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  • Horse Suppliers?!

    I'm in desperate need of a horse supplier for the upcoming summer. I am looking to lease at least 22 well-broke horses to be used with beginner to intermediate children, some arena work, mostly trail rides.

    Vet and farrier services as well as deworming, etc will be taken care of while the horses are in our possession. I do have enough saddles that I should be able to fit everyone, as well as a supple of bridles (snaffles) but if someone would like to lease out tack with their horses, we'd be happy to do so.

    This is for YMCA Camp Cosby, located in Alpine, AL but as we do need to have our suppliers deliver and pickup our horses, we have dealt with out of state suppliers and do not mind, as long as transportation can be arranged.

    We have a small budget but are in need this year (as our supplier suddenly backed out on us) and willing to negotiate a contract. Please contact me if you, or anyone you know might be interested in working with us this summer (and possibly future summers...)

    Thank you,


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    I hope noone replies and 'leases' their horse to be used by inexperienced riders and to possibly be injured or abused ESPECIALLY because this poster states their funds are low.

    What happens to YOUR horse if they don't have the funds or expertise to care for it if it is sick or in distress?

    What happens if it can't be 'used' for their purposes any more?

    Will it be fed correctly or will its care be left to 'trainees' who are not familiar with the importance of consistency.

    Will your horse come back with a broken spirit in September?

    It makes me ill that horses are used for 'profit' and then sent home for someone else to care for and feed for the winter.

    It makes me ill that horses are used at all except by the families who love them and treat them with respect.

    We have rescued many horses 'at the end of the summer'. Don't allow your horse to suffer this indignity.


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      I stated that are funds are low because we are not in the market to make excessive gains and returns off of children and their families. We are a YMCA organization, as as such, our main goals are to expose children to wonders of camp and a plethora of activities they would not have access to otherwise. We develop and foster responsibility, caring, growth and maturity.

      As the equestrian director I take immense offense to the implied fact that I would in any abuse, neglect or miscare for these animals. Our horses are always well taken care of and have each and every need attended to. If we have to go over budget to pay for veterinary care, etc, then so be it, we simply make adjustments from another area or let the expense fall into next year's budget.

      We have exemplorary business relationships with all of our partners that help to make camp the wonderful place that it is, and this includes our vets, farrier and previous horse supplier. We lease the horses because we are unable to adequately provide pasture for the animals 12 months a year, and we do not have prgrams that would use these animals during our off season.

      Yes, we do cater to a lot of beginners, but please understand that everyone has to start somewhere. I'm sure that you did not come into this world an adept rider, never having a mistep on your equine friends along the way. Our children are supervised at all times by CHA certified instructors and are never allowed to abuse or mishandle the horses. They are there to learn how to handle and care for horses on a daily basis, not to yahoo around and kick and scream to their heart's content. We are a riding facility, not a ranch for the deranged and unsupervised.

      If the horse is unable to be used for our program, regardless of the reason, they will either be picked up by the supplier or simply not used in our program. We will not endanger, children, staff or horses by using an animal that is not appropriate for our needs, however, we are quite clear with our suppliers on what types of animals and personalities we need.

      The horses are fed by me personally and their weight is carefully monitored. I have had horses in the past that simply could not keep up a sufficient weight during the hot summer months while working, if this is the case, as with the other unsuitable horse in my example, this animal would again, simply not be used. That does not mean turned out somewhere and forgotten. It means they would be fed, groomed, cared for, and turned out with the others.

      We do not break a horses spirit, we foster a better understanding and partnership between our riders and our horses. As I already said, these horses do not bring much of a profit as they are by far the most expensive activity maintenance wise and certainly cost a fortune in insurance. They are here for the enjoyment of the children and again, it is our choice to lease them during our peak months so that they do not sit around, neglected and unused for 9 months out of the year.

      I'm sorry that you feel it requires a family to love, respect and care for a horse, but apparently you have never seen a child bond with a horse in a short amount of time. There are more tears shed when it comes time to leave their horses for the week, then when it is time to say goodbye to cabin mates and counselors. These children bond with these animals in a way that some people will never understand, and it is not a relationship built on mistrust and abuse, but love, mutual respect and caring.

      I'm sure you have rescued horses that have been mistreated and abused at various ranches, camps, and other facilities, but please do not place judgement on every riding program based on those. We love our horses and our children and it shows in every way imaginable. I would even invite you out to our facility to experience this for yourself.

      Edited to add: And let me make it clear that I am not asking personal horse owners to lease their horses to us this summer. I am in search of a horse supplier with a large amount of head that specializes in leasing out their horses to YMCA camps, girl scout camps, etc.


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        Sounds like you really do have it all worked out and the care of these horses is of utmost importance. Glad to hear it. We have one riding stable here in my area that really cares about their horses..most of the others it is just a money making scheme and the horses are disposable.


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          I wish I could say that the horse program made money... it would be a lot easier to talk them into developing it even further than it already is. To be truthful, I would say it's a good year when we break even. It takes a lot of money to care for these guys the right way. I'm just happy that we're able to provide this chance to children that otherwise would not be able to experience it.