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I think one of my horses is a bit smarter than I thought he was ...

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  • I think one of my horses is a bit smarter than I thought he was ...

    I have a horse called Archie. I got him as a (roughly) 9 month old foal - I saw him standing in a field in a dreadful state, hair hanging off him in dreadlocks, feet turned up like turkish slippers. I tracked down the owner, paid him fifty quid and brought him home.

    He was in such a sorry state he looked somewhat like a mule, bless him. That was three and a half years ago and he still looks like an overgrown mule, has big mobile ears and a gormless expression on his face. He's such a sweetie, not a bad bone in his body and everyone loves him, but we've never thought he was particularly bright.

    That is, until this week.

    In the winter, I put hay for my horses in pallets with sides (that tiles originally come in). It's better than putting it on the ground as it doesn't get trodden into the mud, but they do still waste quite a lot as they pull it out and spread it around. A friend of mine works for a company that uses safety nets and after a certain amount of time they're no longer allowed to use them (from a safety pov) and they chuck them out. I acquired a couple and thought I could wrap the hay in the net (like an oversized hay net) to encourage the horses to eat it slower and not chuck it about so much.

    With me so far?

    That worked for about 3 days. Then Archie discovered that he could pull the net up and hang it on the side of the pallet, and if he did this several times, the hay would fall out and hay presto! It was loose again.

    I think I'll have to think of something even more devious, but what a clever pony!
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