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Getting back into horse riding - any tips/advice welcome!

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  • Getting back into horse riding - any tips/advice welcome!

    Hello horsey people

    I'm going up to a local stables (actually, it's my old riding school from when I was a kid!) on Sunday to meet and hopefully have a quick ride round on a horse which I may be regularly(ish) riding! He belongs to my dad's colleague who doesn't get out on him as much as she'd like to, and wants someone to ride him for her. Long story short, I wanted to get back into riding but don't really want to go to (or pay quite so much for) a group lesson cos they're usually full of kiddies, so my dad's friend said she'd be more than happy for me to use her horse, as i'd be doing her a favour.

    So, having not ridden a horse properly since I was about 8 I just thought i'd ask here for any general tips on riding, and if anyone could give me a quick list of equipment, or even any websites that sells good value equipment. I don't have ANY equipment/clothing at the mo as this has pretty much come out of the blue, i'm going shopping for some jogging pants or anything sort of johdpur-ish tomorrow, but I don't want to go out and spend a fortune on stuff yet in case it doesn't work out for whatever reason and I end up not doing it. Hopefully she'll be able to lend me a helmet for a little while as well, but as soon as I know i'm happy to do it regularly, I will get my own.

    Thanks everyone
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