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  • buying a horse

    HI im new but i thought i could give this thing a try my dad and i are going to buy a horse in july but we don't know what to look for. we have enogh space to keep them but we just need to know a couple things

    - what to look for
    - how to keep in a healthy enviro
    - everday things

    please help us :!:
    meg :D
    :D meg :D
    Yorkshier terrier = 11 years old
    Airdale terrier = 2 years old
    Soon to be horse owner

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    If you do not know what to look for I would recommend taking a vet with you.
    Blessed Be

    Salem Witch Child


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      do you know any one who knows about horses and which breed that they recommed? you can go to several web sutes that tell you info on some breeds
      thanks for your time


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        Not in any particular order... off the top of my slightly tired brain...

        1. Clean, fresh water is top of the list.
        2. Clean food is second (good quality hay is hard to find sometimes).
        3. A dry place to get out of the weather (a.k.a. a shed or barn).
        4. The coral, shed, barn clean and safe.
        5. Proper foot care (they'll need their hooves trimmed).
        6. Lots of room to excersize.
        7. Lots and lots of love and attention.
        8. Good quality training.

        Check with a vet that handles large animals. They should be able to recommend where to get hay, a shoer/foot trimmer, and training.

        Check out this web site
        Check your local book store and read up 8)


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          I would STRONGLY suggest that before you buy your first horse that you volunteer at a local horse rescue or a local horse stable. Horses are large animals but can also be extremely delicate. For example, there are many poisonous plants that you must make sure are not on your property. You need to know what to watch for medically and what a horse looks like if he has foot pain, thrush or colic.

          There is so much to learn that I would really very strongly suggest that you hang out with some knowledgeable people first - learn how they care for their horses and then apply that at home.

          A horse is not like a cat or a dog, you can't really just wing it. They need specific types of feed to monitor healthy nutritional content and they need certain amounts of hay. You can never let a horse out on grass right after winter because you can completely founder them on spring grass. There is just so much to know about horse keeping that if you spent a few months or a year with someone who KNEW, you would be starting off on a much better foot!

          Do you or your family have any experience with horses? Do you know about farriers and worming and dental floats?

          Also horses do NOT DO well alone. Are you planning on getting just one? One horse rarely thrives - they will need a companion but that can be a pony or a llama or a goat - any other herd animal will do nicely.

          We can help you out, but if you can find someone to "horse around" with for a while, you'll be much better off! (and your new horse will too!)

          Some pictures of my horses (although the babies are six months older now and the porch on the house is finished now! :) )


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            ^^^ not camera shy at all are they :wink:


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              More like they fight to get their picture taken. :) And of coruse that was shortly after we had gotten them (the babies) so I was thrilled to take a zillion pictrues and make all my relatives endlessly download them. :)

              Hey I endlessly downloaded pictures of their darn kids all these years, it's payback time. :)


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                hi every one thank you for all your replys. this will my dad and i when it comes to buying
                :D meg :D
                Yorkshier terrier = 11 years old
                Airdale terrier = 2 years old
                Soon to be horse owner