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    Hi everyone,

    We are about to provide a retirement home for a beautiful Arabian gelding who is 19 years old. Firstly, if anyone has any advice to offer in terms of making him feel more at home and settled, we are all ears.

    The main reason I am posting is because we have a cattle grid. We will want to bring him off our property in order to bring him to our local lake and woods for walks etc. We are trying to determine non-stressful ways to get him over the cattle grid. We thought about constructing a wooden frame to go over the grid so he won't see it at all.

    If anyone has dealt with this before we'd really appreciate any suggestions!


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    Hi I have never had this before but my suggestion is maybe you could put a gate the goes off your property and then you don't need to go over that thing at all. If you put this gate thier put on your fence and put it in your horses padock
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      I spent several hours one night helping rescue a horse who had fallen into a cattle guard. Your best bet it to totally have the guard removed and replaced with a gate, but if that can't be done then place a gate on one side of the cattle guard and not have to worry about crossing that cattle guard at all. You don't want him thinking that since he can cross it while you are going out for trail rider that maybe he can cross it while you are not looking. That could be extremely dangerous.