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  • Mad rant sorry

    I've got a couple at my house right now that I may soon have to sell for the feed bill. I'm going to go to court on it because I really have two different types of liens on the horses. The first was a written 'loan' with the horses as collateral and the second is the feed bill. The choices in my state are either to be awarded possession of the horses OR to be awarded the money from their sale. The differences there is that the Registered horse CAN have his papers transfered from the old owner to me IF the judge awards me possession of the horses, BUT If I am only to get the money from the sale then no one can get the papers unless they deal with the former owner ( not recommeded in this case) The second horse is registerable, BUT his paperwork is still with the breeder and it would require an additional payment to the breeder in order to get his paperwork. Anyway selling them outright is the faster easier way to do it, and I really need the money back that I've spent.
    The owner has not been bothered to even ASK how here horses are doing, she has declined to talk to me, refused to provide me a forwarding address to mail her bills, Refuses to provide a telephone number where I can call her in case of an emergency and has stopped responding to my e-mails even though I have proof that she was online at least twice AFTER I sent the e-mails to her. BUT she had contracted a horse transporter to come pick up her horses. I told the transporter that since the person had NOT contacted me, the horses did not have current health certificates, or mandatory state brand inspections. I also told the transporter that I wanted to be paid in full BEFORE the horses stepped on foot on the trailer. So the transporter has declined to make the trip to pick up the horses. I feel that the owner ( if she really can be called an owner ) is not able to care for these horses properly. I had to call a farrier out to get the horses trimmed because for the two months she ( the owner) was her she didn't have their feet trimmed and they LOOKED like they hadn't been trimmed in like 4-6 months BEFORE that.

    Anyway I'm off to the court house today to check up on the date of court. Obviusly the owner has some money or she would not have been able to pay the transporter the deposit to pick up the horses, yet she has not bothered in over a month to ASK how her horses are doing.

    Anyway some people just dive me nuts. How can a person claim to love their animals when they can't be bothered to even ask about them???

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    Those horses are just lucky they wound up at your place. So many wind up just abandoned with no care at all...or with no bills being paid the "care-takers" just refuse to care for them. Disgusting but you se it all the time on that Animal Planet SPCA show....

    Good to know that you continued to care for them even though the owner did not. I hope that you will be careful to not sell them to the meat market.


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      Im taking the lady to court and trying to get the judge to award possession of the horses to me so that I can sell them without having to take them to a public (slaughter) auction. But that will be the judges call not mine.