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  • Western basic training

    I just started to ride a 23 year old english-sstyle-trained horse, whom I´m supposed to train in Western style.
    I did this with other horses, and it worked rather well. with him I seem to have a little problem: I´m riding him with a Sidepull, and I don´t have any problems with speed control... he goes on voice-commands and weight.
    I know he understands in what direction I want him to go, but he simply doesnt until I pull his head round. I know he understands me, cos in the beginning he did anything I wanted. now after a week of riding on weight only he just doesn´t obey any more. I just don´t know why :( :cry:
    Anyone know something that might help? :)

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    Is this one sided? Or is being a problem on both sides of turns?

    Are you giving him TOO many signals, so he has simply started to ignore them all?

    Horses are bewitching.


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      no, it´s in both directions...
      As long as he goes where I want him to at the speed I want I don´t give ANY signals... with him I rarely have to correct anything while going straight forwart in walk or jog. I can´t go lope with him yet, he needs more training, cos he was ill around christmas and almost never left the stables from then to the time I started training him.
      When I want him to turn I usually just shift my weight in that direction at first. Thats what works with al the other horses I know, and it worked fine with him too... in the beginning.
      when this doesn´t work I put the outer rein to hin neck, leaving my weight in the desired direction. sometimes he turns there, then. if not I use my outer leg, and if that does not help I use the inner rein...
      I usually have to go through all those steps with him at the moment :(


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        also don't forget that he is 23, and sometimes you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I have rescued, broke and trained all ages of horses and some of the hardest to retrain are the older ones, ill broke race horses, and ill broke fillys.


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          Understanding vs resistance

          My first concern is he doesn't really understand what you want. He may have done it, but that doens't mean he made the connection of what you wanted with what he did.

          If he truly does understand what to do and chooses not to do it then you have a respect problem and you need to do some basic ground work exercises to find and resolve any respect issues you may have. I'm a big Clinton Anderson follower and if you know his techniques then do lunging stage 2 and see how he responds.... will he lung on a loose line, depart and turn around with a respectful departure or does he pull against you, head toss and kick out. If you have a respect problem and can't work it out on the ground then you'll not solve it in the saddle very easy.

          If you don't have a respect issue, then i go back to he doesn't understand what you want and you just need to keep exagerating the teach and he'll pick up on your supple body language changes as long as your remain consistent.

          remember, in horse training its more about when you stop doing something that trains the horse not when you start. if you want him to move off your foot and you apply pressure and he moves and you don't take the pressure off (even half the pressure if you want them to keep moving) then they see no reward and no reason to comply.

          Hope this helps. :D
          I have used training methods of several horse trainers and have personally chosen Clinton Anderson. I'd be happy to discuss his methods with anyone having a problems.