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    Just came back from a three day, hands-on seminar with GawaNi Pony Boy. It sure was an eye opener. Made a HUGE difference in our lives at home. Has anyone else taken any sort of training class with one of these natural horsemanship trainers?

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    nah, I didn´t... mainly ´cos it´s so expensive...
    I read lots of books on the subject, though and they helped me a lot, as I don´t have anyone to help me with the training of my carehorses


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      Morgana, It was expensive. yes. Especially since my hsband and I BOTH went. But we decided to do that this year instead of go on a vacation and it was reaklly worth it. it made such a difference in our relationship with our horses. I am really pleased.


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        *gg* you can do that... but for me it would be my parents´ money. I´m yet a student and all I can do is question everyone of my friends who went to such a seminar VERY thoroughly ;)


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          Would love to see Pony Boy in person.
          How did you like him Kerry?
          I met Marv walker 6 years ago and man did the pieces to the puzzle fall together.
          We have had 4 Clinic's with Marv and have just got done with the 4th one in June.
          What we do is called the bonder on problem horses. after you have got the bonder down and under stand it an then do it with your horse. The problems disapear before your eyes.
          Here is an example of what the bonder consists of.

          Traditional round pen work, is controlling the horses' body
          get to his mind. What we do is start right out controlling the mind to
          to the body. And we do it quickly, easily and as stress-free as
          The way WE do it, there is no rush, no hurry, no stressing the horse.
          And - it only takes minutes instead of months and years to totaly bond with your horse.
          it is so cool to see agressive horses come to the clinic and with in minutes they are pocket horses doing every thing you ask them to do.
          "One on One Help"
          Certified "Horsemanship Awareness" Practitioner


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            I really like the three day seminar. I admired Pony's work very much and frankly it changed my life entirely. When I got Arrow HE was green and *I* was green. NOT a good combination but loved this horse and was determined to do what it took to be a partner with him.

            Well the first year or two was great as we learned about each other and got to know the others mannerisms and buttons. I loved it all. Then there came a time when one of us had to become the leader. In my mind I was going to be a PARTNER, in his mind if I was not going to be LEADER then HE had to be.

            So there we went for a year as him leader and me follower and this was not working for either of us, as you can imagine. So year four I listen to the wrong people, tried the wrong things. Nothing worked and the situation got worse. Finally I found a person - a trainer - I liked and liked his attitude and his way with horses and so for about 6-7 months Arrow went to him once a week for a lesson.

            It got WAY better for the trainer - Arrow was a DREAM!!! It got almost NO better for me (the trainer was riding him and teaching him). Great. Now Arrow was beautifully behaved - WITH THE TRAINER. Not good.

            Pony does not train your horse. He does not ride your horse, he teaches YOU to do it. He teaches YOU to work with your horse.

            It was like magic to me. It all came together and it all made sense. He taught that if you control the movement, the forward motion of the horse, then he will look to you as leader. Three days in the round pen, at the seminar and we learned tons (my husband and his horse went too). It was the best money I ever spent, the best three days I ever spent and it did wonders fo our relationship. Now I take him in the ring twice a week for about 10-15 minutes each (this is two months later) and that is it.

            Our relationship has never ben better.
            Our rides are enjoyable again.
            I love my horse again and he is SO much happier being WITH me rather than LEADING me.

            Everything is not PERFECT yet, obviously. I am not going to undo 4-5 years of doing things wrong with two months of doing them right...but the difference is already so extraordinary that I know this is the right path that we are on.

            Because at the end of his sessions with the trainer and at the end of my working with him before this, he was wound and tight and tense and frustrated.

            Now he is licking and chewing and following me around like a puppy - content and happy and at peace. Yet he has NOT lost his spirit. I told Pony I would rather see him retired in a field forever than a puppy that has no mind of his own and no exceitment. THAT HAS NOT changed!! He is still head thrown high and a flick of a heel and we are dashing off wild and free across a field....

            I am thrilled....



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              my own experience testimony

              I like to refer to myself as the guy on 'Green Acres'... out of my league when it came to horses.... that was 5 years ago and I got into horses because my wife of 25 years had them when she was young and wanted them again. New to horses I purchased books, videos, and magazines and got a little frustrated. I never went to a clinic but I saw Clinton Anderson on RFD-TV and purchased one of his products. The training was as you are describing... a complete change and understanding and what a change it made in my enjoyment of horses. Like I said, 5 years ago I knew nothing and now i'm the local expert on horse training. I'm not trying to promote a product because I sell it.... I simply want to point out what a difference it made for me.

              I can't go into details without looking like i'm trying to sell you something, but if anyone has any questions and would like to talk via email or phone i'd be happy to try and tell you what i've learned along the way. I love horse training and love helping others. more info can be seen by hitting my profile.

              Good luck....
              I have used training methods of several horse trainers and have personally chosen Clinton Anderson. I'd be happy to discuss his methods with anyone having a problems.


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                Clinton Anderson

                Finding the right person to teach you is the big key. All the trainers use the same concept, some just do a better job of relaying what needs to be done to the student. I now get paid to train horses.... but 5 years ago I didn't know a thing. I purchased several product from big named horse trainers but the only one that really clicked for me was Clinton Anderson. He used untrained horses, described what you would be doing and why, taught the basic concepts, and made it easy to not only understand what to do (actually, when to stop doing it is a better description), but also gave a bunch of troubleshooting. His target audience was me.... the guy from 'Green Acres' who knew very little.

                The more i work around people with horses the more i realize that a lot of the people who think they know... don't.

                If you can't afford a clinic, his DVD sets may be the next best thing for you. If anyone would like to talk about this offline, please send me an email.

                I have used training methods of several horse trainers and have personally chosen Clinton Anderson. I'd be happy to discuss his methods with anyone having a problems.


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                  I also strongly suggest Kenny Harlow.


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                    I also use Pony's methods & I am studying to be a Pony Boy Advisor. I kknow you Kerry, Hi! :lol:



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                      Hiya Reno!!!
                      Welcome to here!!

                      You are training to be an advisor? That is AWESOME!
                      What does it entail?
                      The online study course?
                      Will you need to go down to the Florida "campus"?

                      Tommy is now going for a year of training with Kenny Harlow.
                      Really interesting stuff.


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                        It is the on line courses. He sold the Learning Center sometime around Oct., last year because he couldn't be there & on the road doing clinics at the same time. He shouldn't of sold it, he could of hired me to work there when he was doing clinics on the road! (wishful thinking)


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                          That is a real shame about him selling it. What a bummer.
                          Florida was too far for us to go and so we attended some Kenny Harlow demos, liked them, and then took a three week course down in Virginia with him. Liked that too, so now Tommy is going to be certified.

                          We should all get together again. Maybe HTP3 whenever he develops it (grin).


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                            Hi Kerry!

                            I (about a month ago) got my Pony Boy Regional Advisor status. They should announce it on his board in about a week. :D And ...last weekend I held my 1st demo! Glad to hear Tommy is certified with Kenny Harlow! 8)



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                              Reno, that is awesome! CONGRATULATIONS! I am so impressed!
                              So what are you going to do now with your new knowledge? Do you have plans?

                              Tommy is still involved in his year long program. He goes every two months down to VA to be tested (his horses) on what he was supposed to teach them, and then get his assignments for the next two months.

                              It is gruelingly intense. He is working with the horses hours and hours every day. Both of them have to be equal in training, as he never knows which Kenny will pick for him to test on.

                              The horses are amazing now. After only two months, when you walk with them they don't need a lead line and when you stop they softly take two small steps backward. They stand still for mounting and tacking - no typing...and he can get off anywhere on a trail, tell them to stand and walk away from them and they stay right there. They lower their heads on command for haltering or bridles, they stop by just leaning back in the saddle (drop down a gait if they are moving fast), and they are just amazing...tunring on the pole, stepping out, side is awesome! It is so hard to believe that they were two unbrokes less than three months ago!

                              It is so much fun!
                              He is the only one allowed to ride them though for the whole I can't even play around with them...but it is fun just learning with him. :)