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Swan eating from my hand

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  • Swan eating from my hand

    I was visiting a nature reserve park in the countryside the last time I was there the swans kept walking over to me but I had no food for them.

    So this time I bought some food and thought I would try feed them many people have always said they are aggressive but they seemed to be friendly with me so I filmed this video below of myself hand feeding them and some Geese.

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    Swans are not normally aggressive. As a child I lived on a houseboat on the Thames. You can feed them by hand, but you need to be careful that your fingers are not confused for a piece of bread!

    However, when they have cygnets (baby swans), do not approach them! They can be aggressive if they think that you are a threat to their little ones.
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      Yer these were friendly but I have seen them be aggressive with people in the past but the people were letting dogs off lead near them.


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        You are really courageous. I can imagine your fillings. Actually even swans aren't naturally aggressive, they are still wild.