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What should I do about chicken eggs?

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  • What should I do about chicken eggs?

    So next door my grandpa has a rooster and a hen. The hen lays eggs, and then she eats them? I'm thinking about getting a incubator and getting one of her eggs to put in it, but I don't have a coop. My idea was to keep it in a box when it hatches, until it's old enough to go into a fence, with a old doghouse thing in it, and cover it at night so other animals won't take it. Should I go with that plan or wait until I have a coop?

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    Re: What should I do about chicken eggs?

    The best thing would be to solve this problem at source: stopping the chicken from eating her own eggs in the first place. The hen may be eating the eggs because she is deficient in minerals and vitamins; so she desperately tries to recuperate the lost minerals by eating the eggs she has just laid. Some people think throwing down a few food scraps and a small patch of grass is enough. It isn't. A good, varied diet is essential.

    Here are some helpful pages for you (although you will have to be selective, as not all the advice will apply in your case):

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