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  • ferret noise questions

    i just have a few questions on noises. This is only because searching on the internet i have had to many different things told to me so im trying this route. My kit (her name is pepper by the way) will make a sound like a squeeky toy when being played with and sometimes hiss. She also bits but before licks ive tryed scruffing and have had no response to that so i thought i would try some bitter apple. If anyone could explain some of the noises or even have some clips i could hear that would be great. I just want to make sure she is happy since she is the only one i have. I eventually want to get another i just don't have the money right now. If anyone also knows of some great toys that i can have her play with while i do some homework so she doesn't have to be bored that would be great. Also any other tips anyone has for me i would greatly appreciate it

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    the hissing youre hearing is a noise of displeasure. they do it when they are startled or upset. the licking before biteing is also normal. as for a remedy try tapping her on the nose and saying no. i had a friend who (however strange this may sound) bit hers back on her ear, not hard just enough to be uncomfortable. it worked for her :? lol