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    I've had a couple of gerbils for approximately 3 years. They've both always been happy and active.

    I've noticed over the past 3-4 days that one of them is quite a bit under the weather. One day he was completely happy and normal, the next he was the opposite. He started off not eating or drinking anything, being quite cold, not moving much. A day after he fell ill he started drinking again and then it was only last night he wanted to start eating again. So whilst it all seems to be good signs today such as him walking around, eating a bit more, having a drink, standing up on his hind legs to have a look around..... he does still seem to be really quiet. He is also falling over on his right side through losing balance. I'm not sure if he's maybe got an ear infection or gone deaf in his right ear? Apart from that, I've noticed today that there has been a bit of red gunk coming from around his eyes. Before hitting panic mode about it, I have read about it on a few gerbil care websites and they are saying it can be quite common in gerbils when they are poorly. But it could also be an eye infection?

    I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their gerbil or any other rodent?

    I will be taking to a vet but would also like some peoples opinions beforehand.

    Thank you :)

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    Re: Gerbil Health

    Taking him to a vet is the best thing, as you plan to do. It would be inadvisable to try any symptom diagnosis without a physical examination. Your gerbil certainly does sound sick, especially if he is falling over and has balance problems.

    Please come back after your visit and tell us what the vet said.
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      Re: Gerbil Health

      I only just seen your message! Thankfully he started improving massively with a bit of TLC and is back to being himself now. You wouldn't think he was ever ill :')

      Thank you for your help!