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Stuck shed on baby snake

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  • Stuck shed on baby snake

    I currently have a baby Kenyan sand boa approx 15cm in length and a cm in width. He recent shed wasn't successful and resulted in stuck shed, most of which I have removed by hand after soaking her. However, there are a couple layers of skin that are on the tip of the tail which I am unable to remove with my fingers due to her size. I don't want her to loose her tail, any ideas?

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    Re: Stuck shed on baby snake

    Welcome to the forum DragonDRV

    I have never had a snake of my own, so I can't give any specific comments; however, I found this website which seems to have a lot of information on how to help a snake when they are shedding. Hopefully, it helps you.

    Once your boa's finished shedding, I'm sure the members here would love to see a photo of them if you were willing to share one with us :)
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