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  • Introduction

    So I asked for a Sugar Glider section and LPC made it happen Thank you! I was asked to introduce these little creatures and post some pictures... how to even start on these fun packed little guys lol Well this is going to be long so I'll not blame you if you don't read it all but here it goes

    I guess starting at the beginning would be good lol For those that don't know already Sugar Gliders (sometimes called Sugar Bears) are marsupials along the possum line however they are NOTHING like a possum. The closest thing is the pouches on the stomach were the young crawl into immediately after birth to live the first 70-75 days. Many people call these little creatures Flying Squirrels because of the gliding membrane they have on their sides connected to their front and back feet but no these are NOT Flying Squirrels, they can glide like a Flying Squirrel though. If given the room the glide can last up to 164-ish feet although in captivity they don't get the height to do this and mainly just use the membrane for small jumps.

    These creatures come from parts of mainland Australia, New Guinea and certain Indonesian islands. They were also introduced to Tasmania, probably in the 1830s. They are becoming more and more popular as a pet nowadays which is both a good thing and a bad thing, these pets are classified as exotic and for a good reason. Many people purchase them before actually doing their research on them thinking they will be an easy pet for a child much as a Hamster would be, this is as far from the truth as it can possibly get!

    I'm not going to go into all the details in this post (you can always ask questions) but essentially these are little balls of energy! They need large cages, special diets, LOTS of interaction and they are not good for kids because yes they do bite! I have never had mine draw blood but still their "love bites" because yes they are not meaning to hurt you, do hurt and for a child that would scare them.

    These guys live an average around 15-16 years, some have been known to live up to 20 years in captivity so this is a long term commitment which many don't realize. So all in all if your thinking of getting one as a pet I suggest extensive research before hand, know what your getting into. They are super cute, fun and I can guarantee once you meet them you will be hooked so for most people the good far out weighs the work.

    Being part of the Marsupial line these guys are nocturnal meaning they sleep by day and play by night so be prepared for lots of noise during the night lol When happy and playing they will make barking sounds much like a small dog, sometimes that can be annoying at 3am HAHA You also need pouches made of fleece for them to sleep in, being Marsupial the instinct to sleep in a pouch never leaves them. To bond with them a pouch with a zipper for closure with a mesh screen for air is used, you can take your Sugar Glider places this way safely.

    Speaking of bonds, these little guys are super good at it! Ever heard the saying bonded for life? Yup that's a Sugar Glider! It takes a long time (sometimes years) to completely gain these guys trust but once you do you have a friend for their entire lives and all they will want to do is be with you. Because they are such social creatures it's recommended that you have 2 or more, a lone glider can easily become depressed, stop eating or even self mutilate by over grooming themselves. This however is not true for all gliders and there is a great debate out there about it, some gliders are just born anti-social and will fight with any other glider that comes around. My girl is one of these gliders as her start was very rough (I'll talk about this later) so she is a lone glider. Being along though means I have to spend just that much more time with her so she doesn't feel lonely and become depressed.

    Ok, now that the basics are down I will introduce you all to my Sugar Glider baby, Eevee! I'll attach a few pictures below but you can always follow her on instagram as well where I post pictures and videos regularly! The videos are all from tent time (OH! Right I forgot to mention that). Tent time is where you get a mosquito net pop up tent, go in there with your glider/s, zip it up nice and secure and just have fun! My Eevee loves to use me as a launch pad and race track most days lol Anyway! Eevee is a Leucistic Sugar Glider, meaning her color is pure white with black eyes.

    Eevee was born in a small animal rescue shelter. Her mom is a wild glider that was hit by a car and taken to the shelter to recover, while there she gave birth to 2 babies, Eevee and her brother. Maybe because her mother was wild or maybe because the shelter didn't have a lot of time to handle them both the babies started fighting soon after coming out of the pouch and needed to be separated, thus leading to Eevee being a lone glider. A friend of mine (who volunteers at the shelter) heard about these little guys and took it upon himself to try and find good homes for them, needless to say I feel in love with Eevee

    So if your still here and thank you for reading all the way through! I don't know if anyone else in this forum has a Sugar Glider for a pet but if you do I would love to see pictures! They are so dang cute!!

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    Re: Introduction

    "Cuteness overload", as the Americans love to say.....
    Do animals have souls?


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      Re: Introduction

      Originally posted by LPC View Post
      "Cuteness overload", as the Americans love to say.....
      LOL Thank you! Yes they are adorable and so much fun!